Inerjys acts as a strategic investor, providing added value beyond growth capital.

Inerjys understands the unique risks inherent to cleantech commercialization’s ‘valley of death’, and thus provides long-term capital commitments and expertise to propel companies towards sustainable profitability. Inerjys engages actively with existing and potential portfolio companies to ensure market validation and achievement of milestones. Additionally, Inerjys leverages ecosystems of strategic partnerships to introduce prospective technologies to market.


Inerjys identifies materials-based energy storage, wastewater management, and remote microgrid solutions as promising opportunities within the clean technology sector, among others:


Energy Storage

Water Solutions


Solar Energy

Wind Energy

Food Sustainability

Tidal Power

Biomass Energy


Solantro is the first company to introduce a semiconductor chipset specifically targeting distributed power generation.

Exited Q3 2018

Inerjys has recently engineered for AESP GE, a strategic partnership with French oil and gas giant, Total. Total will use Awango, their Pan African wholly owned subsidiary to operate the i-Kabins. Hence, Awango will act as the local African partner, providing local support and expertise on the ground.

Inerjys introduced the Solantro chipset to AESP Green Energy, a portfolio company. AESP GE is currently using the Solantro chipset in their proprietary i-Kabin. We have therefore built a strong portfolio synergy, and are exploring similar opportunities. 

AESP Green Energy is a Quebec renewable energy company, specializing in the development of off-grid solar solutions since 2013.

AESP Green Energy built a product to serve the staggering 600 million people living off-grid in African Sub-Saharan countries, as well as the 250 million people living without access to electricity in India and in South Asia. The i-Kabin is a solar-powered charging station installed in the village center, designed to recharge mobile batteries (i-Packs), recharge mobile phones, and perform various tasks.

A pilot project was conducted in Ivory Coast, where 7 i-Kabins were deployed. Residents were very responsive, and used the i-Kabins frequently. More i-Kabins will soon be placed in Senegal, Burkina Faso, Mali, Nigeria and Philippines.


Based out of Tallinn Estonia, Goliath Wind created a breakthrough product in 2008, challenging the way the wind industry manufactures and retails wind turbines.

The Capella Wind Turbine was introduced in the market as the first highly cost-efficient and modular 3.3MW wind turbine. The groundbreaking modular design of the ring generator allows fast local production and contributes in driving the cost of energy down. Goliath Wind enables regional partners to manufacture Capella at half the cost of similar turbines produced by the 5 largest vendors in the industry, such as GE, Siemens and Vestas.

Schottel Hydro

Schottel Hydro is a German company that specializes in harvesting power from tides.

Schottel Hydro manufactures and retails an unprecedented modular hydrokinetic turbine, the SIT instream turbine, and a semi-submerged modular floating platform supporting multiple turbines and including power conversion, the TRITON platform. Schottel Hydro is equipped with highly cost-efficient technologies generating power sourced from tides.

The SIT instream turbine

The SIT instream turbine is small in size. Reducing the turbine size leads to a better ratio of power and materials used, and simplifies the turbine`s maintenance, as complex subsystems are avoided.

The TRITON platform

The TRITON platform was designed for large-scale applications in tidal projects. This platform has a revolutionary design with a main structure, tether arms, which pivot to follow tidal movements - significantly decreasing the risk of damaging the platform and maximizing the power output generated.


PLAT-I is a multiple turbine floating tidal energy platform created by Sustainable Marine Energy (SME). It hosts four SIT 250 turbines rated at a 280kW. PLAT-I is designed for inshore tidal sites to provide power at a community scale and proves that tidal energy is a viable clean energy alternative for coastal and island off-takers with limited infrastructure. 


Black Rock Tidal Power

FORCE Project

The FORCE is the largest tidal farm project in the world located in the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia. The FORCE project aims to target the Bay of Fundy`s site power capacity of approximately 300MW.

Kelvin TE is an innovative thermal energy company based in Toronto, Canada. Kelvin's proprietary Thermal Energy Matrix Storage technology converts inexpensive off-peak or renewable electricity into 'CleanHeat' at 95% efficiency.

This CleanHeat is then stored at ultra-high temperatures and densities using graphite solutions, until its energy is released when needed during peak times. Their TEMS technology is capable of reaching temperatures of up to 2,500K (2,200°C) and a storage capacity of around 820kWh/t, which are both well above the capabilities of competitors. Their K10 and K200 units will have the capacity to store up to 10MWh and 200MWh, respectively. 

Inerjys is working actively with Kelvin's experienced team to expand their commercialization and international reach. 

Still Good is a sustainable food brand whose mandate is to combat food waste and alleviate local food insecurity.

After discovering that up to twenty percent of Canadian crops go to waste just because they are ugly, this Montreal-based company knew that something had to be done. Still Good cooked up healthy soups that not only taste great but are also great for the planet. They source their produce from local farmers but only use their misshapen, so called “ugly” but still good  veggies — saving tons of produce from going to waste! 

Considering that 5.5 million Canadians go to bed hungry every night, Still Good has also established a charitable partnership with Moisson Montreal, Canada’s largest food bank. With the help of Moisson Montréal, for every soup sold, Still Good will donate one meal to a child in need.

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Inerjys Renewables

Inerjys Renewables is a clean energy and sustainability project finance and project development company.

Inerjys Renewables operates in all of the same sectors as Inerjys Ventures, including Wind, Solar, Off-Grid Solar, Ocean and River Hydro, Food Sustainability, Water Solutions, Smart Grid among other clean tech related fields.

Inerjys Renewables seeks out cutting edge technologies and leverages strategic partnerships with global energy companies and the Inerjys Ventures Portfolio to create synergies and maximize profitability.