Mickael Kanfi, Founder of Twist Image, recently appointed as Inerjys Ventures’ Chief Operating Officer, also invests


Montreal, May 9, 2019 – Mickael Kanfi, who joined Inerjys Ventures in October 2018 as the new Chief Operative Officer (COO), recently decided to invest in the firm, validating Inerjys’ business model and potential.

‘’We’re investing in innovative technologies that are fighting climate change and helping them commercialize”, declared Mickael. “I believe in the Inerjys vision and I’m looking forward to playing an instrumental role in bringing it to life. It aligns to my values and I know that investing in our future is the best investment we can make.”

Before joining the ranks at Inerjys, Mickael founded Twist Image in 2000, a Digital Marketing Agency that was acquired by WPP in 2014. Growing from a boutique design firm to one of the largest Digital Marketing agencies in Canada, Mickael played a key role in scaling the agency to a 120 person operation across Montreal and Toronto. Throughout the years, Mickael has worked with numerous renowned brands such as Walmart, TD Bank, UNICEF, TELUS and the Dairy Farmers of Canada. As the Executive Creative Director, he not only led the Creative and User Experience teams, but also tapped his passion for Operations, Digital Product Development, Business Strategy and Planning.

Combining all his passions and experience into one package, becoming COO at Inerjys was the evident choice. Working as Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) for the portfolio’s companies, by helping them commercialize their technologies and generate revenue, Mick also gets to stay creative by handling the firm’s communications and operations.

‘’I saw the opportunity, by working with Inerjys and Stephan Ouaknine, to be a disrupter once again”, explains Mickael, “Venture Capital is a traditional industry, and what’s worked in the past for other sectors has not worked for cleantech. We need to rethink how we approach investing for our planet. It is a global challenge that needs a radical and holistic approach that does not yet exist, and that’s the opportunity I see for Inerjys.”

What led Mickael to switch from agency to cleantech Venture Capital is a question of pure core values. Over the years, Mickael got to work with brands who aligned with his beliefs but also others that didn’t, where he needed to still lead teams to deliver their best work. Cleantech, however, offers him the opportunity to focus on these values, 100% of the time. And with experience comes wisdom, which he has been happily sharing one-on-one with young

entrepreneurs and through investment committees, such as the ProMontreal Entrepreneurs Fund.


About Inerjys

Inerjys is a global investment firm committed to accelerating the adoption of clean technologies to rapidly mitigate the effects of climate change. Inerjys invests in companies with technologies that are globally deployable and ready for commercialization. Through a unique investment model, Inerjys is actively helping its portfolio companies commercialize and generate growth. Find out more at inerjys.com and on Twitter.

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