Canada: The Hotbed for Clean Technologies and Renewable Energy Sources


If you were to ask the everyday citizen on the street where they believed the future of renewable energy and clean technologies would come from, few would likely be able to come up with an answer.  While cleantech is advancing by leaps and bounds, the where and the why is sorely under-discussed. The future of our planet will be determined in no small part by the spread of green technologies and the education of everyday consumers on the possibilities of renewable energy, which means understanding the hotspots for such tech is more important than ever.

Canada has been the home of environmentally-friendly innovation for some time.  The citizens of our country have an incredible appreciation for the environment around them, and that is reflected at all levels of society.  What many people don’t know is that it’s not just individual citizens and government initiatives that are bringing Canada to the lead in green tech.  Companies all over the country are rising up to challenge outdated energy structures and conglomerates.

Montreal serves as a perfect microcosm of what is happening all over Canada; in Montreal, an influx of innovators, educated risk-takers, and young talent with fresh minds to the energy industry are coming together to bridge the gap that often exists between the creators of raw technology and those responsible for integrating that tech into the infrastructure that powers our lives (quite literally!)

Canada is in an especially unique position to lead the world in clean technologies.  While there are plenty of entrenched old-fashioned energy producers, the depth of their control over the industry is less intense than in neighboring countries.  Functional energy monopolies in wide swaths of North America make for an almost impossible obstacle to smaller companies looking to bring innovative tech to our daily lives.  Here in Canada, though, ambitious entrepreneurs with a keen mind towards the environment are finding fertile soil in the changing energy market.

The change that renewable energy has had on the landscape of energy production in Quebec, for example, is stark.  At the moment, nearly all energy production in Quebec comes from a renewable source, and there’s considerably more room for technological improvement.  Clean and green technologies promise to bring efficiency to aging renewable sources while simultaneously reducing the amount of energy we need to use in our daily lives.

The more eyes that turn to Canada as a rising star in environmentally-friendly energy production and usage, the faster other markets will shake up in a way our planet truly needs.

Stephan OuaknineComment